Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT (19YM)

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Honda 1.2 V CVT (19YM)

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SRP: Php 658,000
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60 months
15%Php 98,700Php 20,829Php 16,470Php 14,159
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30%Php 197,400Php 17,154Php 13,564Php 11,660
40%Php 263,200Php 14,703Php 11,626Php 9,994

Honda Brio Features

The model was first introduced in 2011 in key emerging markets such as India and Thailand; two countries which share our unwanted relationship with heavy urban traffic.
Judging by dimensions alone, the Honda Brio would be one of those vehicles that really belongs in tight city streets. The 5-door hatchback measures in at a tiny 3610mm long, 1680mm wide and 1470mm tall with a wheelbase of 2345mm. To put that in perspective, the current generation Mitsubishi Mirage measures in at 3710mm x 1665mm x 1500mm while the Toyota Wigo is at 3600mm x 1620mm x 1520mm. What will be interesting when we drive the Brio later on will be how those dimensions translate in helping to achieve sprightly handling in this category.
The name itself is derived from the Italian term il Brio, meaning verve, liveliness, spirit and wit. The front of the Brio does appear quite lively and peppy; good design traits in a hatchback geared towards young, up-and-coming customers. Mind you, this Brio is already the updated/facelifted version.
The side of the Brio is rather neat, and features some aggressive, upswept character lines. Being a 2-box, the side profile ends rather abruptly as opposed to other hatchbacks that seem to slope more at the back. This particular example of the Brio is the top spec variant which is why it rides on 14 inch alloy wheels with 175/65/R14 Michelin tires.

The dashboard of the Brio appears far more contoured and far more modern than most of its competitors in the entry level segment. Like the previous generation Jazz, the Brio's interior makes use of circles and curves all around with the A/C vents (they're the same louvers as the one in the previous Jazz/Fit), the round steering wheel, the A/C dials and the triple gauge cluster. Thought was clearly paid to shaping the dashboard to more modern standards instead of just generating a cheap, generic and featureless dash.
This top-of-the-line Brio variants comes with all sorts of convenience features such as power windows, power mirrors, a seat height adjuster, front foglamps, rear foglamps, steering wheel audio controls and a touchscreen 2-DIN audio system with satellite navigation. Based on the Honda Thailand website which also shows the same audio unit (on appearances), it appears that the Brio's head unit could also have a browser and Wi-Fi capabilities though we were unable to verify it on site. Mind you, they might change the head unit because the one on the Brio Amaze is different.

The front seats with the one-piece backrest are form-fitting and comfortable enough for a long drive. The rear seat is a bench that can be folded down (almost) flat to provide a large cargo space. With the rear seats up, there's some space in the back remaining for a few bags and backpacks. The spare is a full-size affair instead of a space saving donut tire, though Honda used a 14-inch steel rim instead of an alloy wheel.

Honda Brio Financing Details


2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Certificate of Employment
Latest ITR 2316
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Latest Contract / COE
Proof of Remittance
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
DTI / Business Permit
ITR 1701 w/ AFS
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's of Signatories
Articles of incorporation
Secretary Certificate