Honda CR-V 2.0 S CVT (5 SEATERS)

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Honda 2.0 S CVT  (5 SEATERS)

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SRP: Php 1,668,000
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15%Php 250,200Php 52,801Php 41,751Php 35,892
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30%Php 500,400Php 43,483Php 34,383Php 29,558
40%Php 667,200Php 37,271Php 29,471Php 25,335

Honda CR-V Features

Review of Honda CR-V

Honda, the largest acclaimed motorcycle producer has set its foot in the automobile industry with innovation as its priority. Honda CR-V the compact crossover was face-lifted in 1995, with a charm that has been scintillating ever since it came into being. The daring car, displays its comfort which got its name from Comfortable Runabout Vehicle described on the lines of its driver oriented engineering and design layout. The fourth generation of this Honda drive was launched in the year 2012 with a rejuvenated soul each time it was presented amidst the dawning crowd. It stuns with its bold outrageous look available in its three variants to astound in vivacity.

Engine, mileage & variants

Honda CR-V houses three engine variants with a 2.0L V engine with manual as well as automatic transmission offering a maximum power output measuring 153 PS at 6500 rpm alongside a maximum torque measured as 190 Nm at 4300 rpm. The 2.4-litre engine delivers a peak power output of 185 PS at 7000 rpm and a high torque value measured as 220 Nm at 4400 rpm. The 2.4-litre engine accelerates to reign from a standstill breaching the 100 kmph mark within 7.5-seconds accounting a top speed of 188 kmph. The 2.0-litre engine delivers a mileage of 13.7 kmpl which is decent to say the least.


The confidence runs aloft, while navigating along the roads with elegance to explicitly mark its grace through its view drafting features. While bearing slight semblance to its previous sister models, it has been loaded with sharper and bolder class of features to its name. The front body colour chrome grille that merges with the stylish headlamps and the high-cut wheel arches that offer robust road handling lift you letting you be noticed and becoming a talk of the town. The impressive exterior layout comes packed in 4582 mm x 1820 mm x 1685 mm (L x W x H) extending with a wheelbase measuring as 2620 mm. It facilitates a safe landing and take off with 17-inch wheels and tires measuring 225/65 R17 leaping ahead with a zest of success.


The premium upholstery lets you admire its quality with the feel of elegance in the right amounts, carrying you with oozing comfort to make its chance by leather/fabric seating arrangement. The spacious cabin with wooden inserts adorns the hearts with a feel beyond the ordinary. With ample space to hook up 5 people, the cargo fills up to the brim with 1053 litres( with rear 60/40 foldable feature) served with Illuminated glovebox, cupholders , sunglass holder, to manage your stuff in all mines. Also a 7-inch touch screen for the entertainment system lined up with intelligent infotainment system consisting of CD/DVD player, AM/FM radio, AUX, USB MP3/WMA 4 speakers and navigation system makes you hop in for an adventure with fun-filled exotics of music swaying all over in just the wish of a touch through the steering control mounts.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

The mouthpiece of Honda, the safety comes makes the symphony with safety equips brought about from the 6 airbag assistance to Vehicle stability Assist, and Hill start Assist for ascending up the hill. The toughest safety regulations are blessed by it with front ventilated solid disc brakes to solid disc brakes to be named in the rear. All Lane-Watch and the Multi-Angle rear-view optimize safety with complete hold of your surrounds. The scrutiny plums up with the ABS enabled with EBD extensions to fuel the safer mindset without any laggards to sound the knell.


The sporty crossover has been laid with good to go safety features and powerful engines to justify all your rides from on-road to off-road tours.

Honda CR-V Financing Details


2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Certificate of Employment
Latest ITR 2316
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Latest Contract / COE
Proof of Remittance
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
DTI / Business Permit
ITR 1701 w/ AFS
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's of Signatories
Articles of incorporation
Secretary Certificate