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Peugeot 208 GTi Amortization Estimates

DISCLAIMER: We try hard to give our customers the most accurate information on our website. However, these figures represent APPROXIMATE amortization amounts which might not be exactly what you will be given once an application has been filed. Only at the time of a loan application will you know the exact values of the down payment and monthly amortization amounts. Also, VEHICLE PROMO's will not always support all DP% values shown below. These amounts are subject to change without prior notice.
SRP: Php 1,950,000
DP %

24 months

36 months

48 months

60 months
20%Php 390,000Php 82,784Php 58,309Php 46,150Php 39,234
30%Php 585,000Php 72,436Php 51,021Php 40,381Php 34,330
40%Php 780,000Php 62,088Php 43,732Php 34,612Php 29,425
50%Php 975,000Php 51,740Php 36,443Php 28,844Php 24,521

Peugeot 208 GTi Features

This is the New Peugeot 208 GTi : sporty, stylish and equipped with the latest technology
to give you a sensational driving experience. With a lively 208 hp turbo engine at its heart,
it’s the beating pulse of passionate performance. This is a softer and subtler brand of GTI. Peugeot may roll out the memory of the 205 for these occasions, but away from the advertising campaign it readily admits that this is a much more mature model than its landmark scamp - developed to fit the broader requirements of a likely older audience. Designed around you, the unique Peugeot i-Cockpit gives you a deeper connection with the New 208 GTi.
Drive with precision, feel the response of the throttle and enjoy the ease of ergonomic, intuitive controls.
The sporty 208 hp turbo engine, the core of the Peugeot GTi legend, puts the New 208 GTi on the grid alongside a host of worthy predecessors. Precise, powerful and ready to spring into action, it’s built for a truly athletic performance. An intense, feline front face dominates the appearance of the New 208 GTi, with LED indicators, LED daytime running lights and new two-tone black and chrome headlights.

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2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Certificate of Employment
Latest ITR 2316
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
Latest Contract / COE
Proof of Remittance
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's (Gov't issued)
DTI / Business Permit
ITR 1701 w/ AFS
Bank statement (If Required)

2 valid ID's of Signatories
Articles of incorporation
Secretary Certificate