AutoSearchManila covers the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

November 25, 2014

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AutoSearchManila got to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the LA Auto Show early Monday morning to get a good head start. As it was a working day, the crowd and traffic was light. 

Los Angeles Convention Center

The floor plan of the LA Convention Center is very wide open and different display areas as shown in the image below. The event place is large, and the public is welcome to try all features of the vehicles on display. Helpful sales people and promoters are always at the ready to give additional information and the atmosphere is a very relaxed one.

LA Auto Show floor plan

Virtual Tours of the South and West Halls

Below is a virtual tour of the South Hall showroom floor. The camera spins around to show a 360 degree view of the area and should gives you some idea of how cavernous the South Hall is.

Click on the link below to view the virtual tours of the South and West Halls

LA Auto Show Highlights and Exotic Cars

We have made a short video of the highlights of the event. This video includes a lengthy introduction to the 2016 Toyota Mirai by a Southern California Toyota representative. Click on the video below to play.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The state of California has approved a 200 Million dollar budget to construct as many as 100 hydrogen fuel cell refueling stations. This is why many car manufacturers have now started developing Hydrogen fueled cars. Among the first ones to make this bold announcement is Toyota with their 2016 Mirai (view video above for more information). Many other companies are just now catching up to the hybrid and electric car market.

We recently spoke to Tesla Motors who develops pure electric vehicles and they mentioned that the prohibitively large import tax on cars in the Philippines will deter them (and other manufacturers) from taking their vehicles to Manila. In this case, the vehicle import tax seems to deter our country from transitioning to clean technology on the roads. The government should probably think about imposing no tax (or less tax) on zero emission vehicles, so that people will be more inclined to buy them.

2014 LA Auto Show Gallery

There were a lot of unveiling at the 2014 LA Auto show. Almost every manufacturer had a new vehicle on the floor, including the all new Ford Explorer, Honda's HRV, and Volvo's XC90. Please click on the images from the gallery below to view all photos from the Auto Show.


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